Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The year 2012

Ryan and I started 2012 in PA and ended in FL. Throughout the year we did and saw so many new things that I had to narrow the pictures down to just 12 so it wouldn't be overwhelming. I am very thankful for both of our families who have supported us on all of our moves across the country. 2013 will be just as busy. We've got some vacations in the works and one of my cousins is getting married which means a family reunion in NC!

January: I love watching snow fall.

February: We got to see Wicked in NYC.
March: Jim Thrope, PA is my 2nd favorite small town.
April: I still can't believe we actually lived in Scranton for 9 months.
May: Ryan and I finally got to go on our honeymoon, a cruise to Cozumel.
June: Barney found out he loves the beach.
July: Ryan and I spent the weekend in Cedar Key, FL with my aunt and cousin.

August: I turned 24. 
September: We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary in Orlando.

October: Ryan turned 25. 

November: Thanksgiving with my family.

December: We got to spend Christmas with both families (that's a first in 4 years.)

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