Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Freshfields Farm trip

Ryan and I spent our rainy morning exploring Freshfields Farms. I have heard a lot about it and how cheap it was for local and organic groceries. It was weird that you had to go to 2 stores to get the meat and produce, but it was right next door to each other and connected by a little cash only (who only takes cash?!?!) ice cream shop.

First we got the meat; chicken, fish, pulled pork, ground pork, sausage and bacon. Next we went to the produce side and got fruit and veggies. We spent $65 all together and defiantly got enough food for the next couple weeks. We usually go to a couple different stores when grocery shopping; a meat store, a produce store and then an actual grocery store for snacks and other things. I think this might be my new favorite, it will cut down on how many stores we actually go to.

The outside looks like a barn!!

The huge amount of meat

Really convenient size

Huge selection of veggies

Piles and piles of veggies

Fresh juices, we got fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade

Starbucks lovers you'll like this one

S'more frap.....so good!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lilly P x Target

Sunday the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line came out and practically sold out in minutes in the store and crashed the Target website. I had to work Sunday morning so as soon as I got off work I went to 3 Targets. 1 out of 3 only had home goods, lights and big vases. I didn't like either so I left disappointed. I knew I couldn't be defeated so Monday on my day off I woke up early and drove all the way to the UCF Target to be the first one in the building, there I at least got some nail polish. I was excited that I got at least a few things I liked. I didn't want to give up quite yet since there's a ton of Targets within 45 minutes of me.

At the 6th Target, yes I said 6 in Daytona is where I scored the most (I didn't drive just to Daytona for this, we were there to see Ryan's family.) I got a dress, my eyes lit up when I walked in and saw it. I ran and an employee told me someone just returned it, it was in my size! There I also got a fancy wine cork set, makeup case and a small candle holder.

I would have been satisfied with just those nail polishes, but I feel more accomplished that I got actual things too. All in all I went to 7 Targets, most not having anything left. Today I have off and there's still 2 more I'm thinking about visiting ;)

Gold string lights

Huge hot pink vases 

Essie nail polish!

I grabbed it all then put it back and took a picture of the last lonely items

Makeup case

Wine stoppers

Candle holder

The cutest zipper on the back of the dress

It's crazy that things were gone in minutes and already on EBay for double the price. This picture has been surfacing the internet. If every girl shopped like this I know why things went so quickly. I'm not going to lie after researching and seeing that girls are willing to pay double I'm thinking about selling somethings if I don't end up using them! Lilly Pulitzer is usually $100+ on most items and this collaboration with Target the majority of the items were under $40.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Skipping spring

I went straight for the summer decor and skipped spring. It feels like summer so the house might as well look like it. There's a great decor store right down the road from me called Christmas Tree Shops. It always has the best holiday/season decorations at really good prices. Every time there is a new season I buy new towels for the kitchen and then just throw them out when the next season comes, their only $1.00 each and their so cute!

Here are some little ways the house now feels like summer instead of winter. Not going to lie, I just took that stuff down a few weeks ago.

"Just another day in paradise" 

Kitchen smells fruity 

It's like I'm at the beach

It's been a week and it's still alive

This came from my cousins shop in NC, it smells like watermelon 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Beach getaway

Last week I went to Holden Beach, NC for a couple days to see my family that I had not seen in 2.5 years! It was great catching up with everyone and making new memories. We've had a family reunion every summer in the mountains or the beach since we were all little kids and have stopped the past couple of years. We're all getting older now and those little kids now have husbands and real jobs. Even though it was cold at the beach it was fun wearing my boots and scarfs one last time before the next winter.

I got in when it was dark so it was nice waking up to this view

Holden Beach. 1 hour between Myrtle Beach and Wilmington

I got suckered into a 50% off sale

Beach house for the week

Dunes of NC

It wouldn't be a reunion without dirt cake

Every time I'm in Wilmington I make a stop at Cookout

Panorama looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean