Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wood art

Recently Ryan has been doing pyrography, which means decorating wood by burning it with a solid-point burner. He already had the burner but lately decided to start using it to make art. We talked about what type of art would sell and I suggested using our last name and then saying "est" for when we got married. So he made that on some scrap wood and the final product came out really good.

After "The Ruddy" art looked so good he decided to start using color. He would burn the design onto wood then color it in with chalk or colored pencil. We both agree that the chalk looks better, more polished than the pencil. Using the pencil you can still see the grains of wood.

My second art request is currently being worked on, chevron with an anchor in the middle. I know it's nothing special since it's very popular right now, but I think it will make a nice addition in the bathroom with our other beach art.

If you would like Ryan to make a piece for you just let me know :)

We no longer have a dining room table

Wood burner, you can buy it at any craft store 

"The Ruddy's. Est 2011"

1st chalk art

1st colored pencil art

Practicing anchors (chalk)

Friday, April 26, 2013


I had a Blue Man picture ready to go but a couple interesting things happened this week other than work. Barney got a haircut and now looks like a little tiger with his stripes. My sister Allison and I went to Wekiva Springs and then participated in our own Wine down Wednesday.

Also, my cousins wedding invite came in the mail this week. I can't wait to be in the wedding in June, it's right around the corner!

Barney now looks like a tiger

The springs with the sister

Counting down the days until June 1st

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In your twenties

I have been noticing many articles/movies/shows lately about being in your 20's and "finding your self." It first started when I watched Tiny Furniture on Netflix by Lena Dunham which led me to start watching her show on HBO, Girls. Both are about a girl who recently graduated college and is still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life, figuring out relationships with guys and figuring out the line of when to ask your parents for help.

Being the same age as the main character I found many things in common with her. I am still trying to figure out what kind of career I would like to have. I know it will be in hospitality, but that's as far as I've gotten. I'm still working on finding a balance between work and being married. It's hard when you work completely opposite schedules.

The whole asking for help from my parents, that's the only one I've got figured out. Ryan and I are at a place where we are financially stable where we don't get any help from our parents. Which to me is a huge accomplishment that I am very proud of because the cost of living for 2 people isn't cheap.

Recently I found this article on BuzzFeed that made me laugh and was so true:


Thursday, April 18, 2013


Another week has come and gone. The Magic lost to the Bulls Monday night. I trained in the call center for the Blue Man Group and during my 2 days off I started putting together the spring mantel. I'm still getting ideas but the 3 flower pots look cute for now.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What people think I do at work

I love these kind of pictures, their pretty accurate...most of the time. Even though I'm not an event manager, I am in the event/hospitality industry and can relate to each of the pictures below. People ask what I do all the time and unless they work in the same kind of field they have no idea and just assume. So let me clarify somethings...this is not to be mean, but just to let you know what I do at work :)

In case you didn't know I work at the Amway Center, an arena where the Orlando Magic basketball team plays and concerts are held. I used to work at the UCF Arena on campus doing the same thing. Between the 2 venues I have been in this industry for almost 6 years and people still have no idea what exactly I do. My dad is still trying to figure it out as well. 

First off, I only work when there is an event. So if there's 3 events in one week that is when I work, so don't ask me "on average how many hours a week do you work?" 99% of the events I work are at night or on the weekends, so don't ask me "want to do something on Saturday night." (haha, no but really I'm exhausted from getting out of work after 11pm.) I don't sit at a desk, in fact, I don't sit once during an event, I am constantly running around checking on the staff and guests to make sure they are ok. 

Some big things: I do not hang out with the famous people backstage, I am not allowed backstage during events so I am no where near them, so don't ask me I have met anyone famous (I have, but not while working.)

I do not get a discount on tickets, I do not get into events for free myself so do not ask me if I can get you into the show, I will de-friend you on Facebook. Yes, I have done that before. If I haven't talked to you in over a year why would you ask me that question!

The hospitality industry is very interesting and fun because it's not your "normal" desk job. I get to interact with thousands of people and see great shows, how many people can say they do that?!

So what do I do at work? I am an event staff supervisor which means I work with the ticket takers and ushers. Ticket takers scan your tickets when you first enter the building and give you directions to your seats. Ushers stand at each section and make sure you are where you are supposed to be and direct you to your seat. So as a supervisor I make sure everyone is doing their job, answer questions that anyone might have, and handle the "heated" guests when they have a problem....in a nutshell.

Friday, April 12, 2013


This week has been full of box office training at Universal. It's a lot of memorization but I think I'll get the hang of it over the next few months. Tonight is Taylor Swift and tomorrow there is a Magic game. Next week will be more training and another Magic game. Oh and did I mention it has also been full of coffee!

My next day off: I'm not leaving the couch!

Blue Man wardrobe. It's pretty simple, still working on finding a pair of pants that fit though. lol

The Blue Man Group theater. It used to be where all of the Nickelodeon stuff  was like the slime machine and where they taped Family Double Dare!!
Now I'm googleing everything Nickelodeon. haha

Oh yea, we filed our taxes with 5 days to spare. Boy was it stressful. 

Friday, April 5, 2013


This is going to be short and sweet... Over the past week we have celebrated Easter and continued celebrating my new job. It has been nice and quite which has been great because next week starts working another 9 or so days straight.

Easter at Sea World with Ryan's family

White chocolate mocha iced coffee, I forgot how much I liked Barnie's

It's officially official :)