Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What people think I do at work

I love these kind of pictures, their pretty accurate...most of the time. Even though I'm not an event manager, I am in the event/hospitality industry and can relate to each of the pictures below. People ask what I do all the time and unless they work in the same kind of field they have no idea and just assume. So let me clarify somethings...this is not to be mean, but just to let you know what I do at work :)

In case you didn't know I work at the Amway Center, an arena where the Orlando Magic basketball team plays and concerts are held. I used to work at the UCF Arena on campus doing the same thing. Between the 2 venues I have been in this industry for almost 6 years and people still have no idea what exactly I do. My dad is still trying to figure it out as well. 

First off, I only work when there is an event. So if there's 3 events in one week that is when I work, so don't ask me "on average how many hours a week do you work?" 99% of the events I work are at night or on the weekends, so don't ask me "want to do something on Saturday night." (haha, no but really I'm exhausted from getting out of work after 11pm.) I don't sit at a desk, in fact, I don't sit once during an event, I am constantly running around checking on the staff and guests to make sure they are ok. 

Some big things: I do not hang out with the famous people backstage, I am not allowed backstage during events so I am no where near them, so don't ask me I have met anyone famous (I have, but not while working.)

I do not get a discount on tickets, I do not get into events for free myself so do not ask me if I can get you into the show, I will de-friend you on Facebook. Yes, I have done that before. If I haven't talked to you in over a year why would you ask me that question!

The hospitality industry is very interesting and fun because it's not your "normal" desk job. I get to interact with thousands of people and see great shows, how many people can say they do that?!

So what do I do at work? I am an event staff supervisor which means I work with the ticket takers and ushers. Ticket takers scan your tickets when you first enter the building and give you directions to your seats. Ushers stand at each section and make sure you are where you are supposed to be and direct you to your seat. So as a supervisor I make sure everyone is doing their job, answer questions that anyone might have, and handle the "heated" guests when they have a a nutshell.

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