Sunday, December 13, 2015

11 days until Christmas

We've had the house decorated way before Thanksgiving this year so here is the rest of the decor. There are lights everywhere, and I mean it... all except the bathroom! It's cool at night when we have everything plugged in and there are fir tree candles all over. The lights are above the bed, in the window, on the porch, in the kitchen and around the front door inside.

This holiday season is turning out to be the busiest yet with lots of trips and holiday parties to attend. Gatlinburg, TN for 2.5 days, Christmas Eve with Ryan's parents (Daytona) then Christmas day with my parents (Tampa) then right back into work for over 2 weeks straight!

I'm trying to slow down on my days off but that doesn't seem to be happening either. I would like to leave you a quote from Christmas Vacation, "It's the holidays and we're all in misery."

There have always been white lights, so the colorful ones have been added for the season

The front door is so cute

I had to!!!

A real wreath makes the house smell so good