Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lackawanna County outings

 We have been doing all the "tourist" things lately just because the weather hasn't been good and there isn't much else to do. Thursday we went on a coal mine tour that you walk around underground for 45 min. learning what it was like back in the day when people worked in the coal mines. We did this a couple years ago when we visited so it was nothing new, but it kept us busy for an afternoon.

                                      Code signals you had to know when working in the mine.

                                                                        Inside the coal mine.

                                                     It is 53 degrees year round underground.

Last night we went to the horse track and casino with Ryan's grandfather and his girlfriend. We have gone a handful of times since living here. It's a lot of fun especially when you are winning. I only won $5 on a $2 bet on the horses so I just played another round.

                      You can sit at a table looking out at the horse track. We watched all 14 races.

Some of the loosing tickets.

Love the bright lights.

Today a realtor came over measured, asked questions and took pictures of the place. It's officially for rent and we now have to deal with this lock box on our door for the next couple weeks but it will be well worth it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Boxes, boxes, boxes

We are almost there, 16 more days (not that I'm counting or anything) until we hit the road and move back to Florida! I always said I never wanted to live in Florida my whole life, but after moving away I've learned that it's exactly where I want to be. I never thought I'd be returning to the same city that I grew up in to eventually find a job, find a house and raise a family. I always thought I'd be somewhere in the carolinas or TN.

I am really excited to go back to my old life...well not exactly since I lived in Orlando for the past 5 years, so let's say excited to go back to something familiar. We have been clearing out and donating boxes and boxes of stuff; that's all it is, STUFF. I have no idea why we brought every last thing we owned with us up here, that was our first mistake.

This time around we are giving away everything but our clothes and just a handful of boxes of personal things and the rest is going to be donated. We have Salvation Army coming to pick up everything 2 days before we leave.

                                              One of the many corners in the house of clutter.

A bookshelf that is bare, it used to hold nothing but books.

The hallway is now a storage unit for all of our boxes that will soon be filled.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Office

I signed up for this last year and never got around to using it so I thought with things about to get crazy...moving across the country that is I thought I'd start sharing our new journey that is about to come. A huge move, a cruise, getting new jobs and then buying a house!

We love the show The Office that is based in Scranton, PA so we have been going around town lately to get last shots of things that they mention that are around here. I think we have them all here are a few good ones.

The PA Paper building that is in the opening credits.

                                      Coopers Seafood, they mention this on quite a few episodes.

A sign from the opening credits.