Monday, May 23, 2016

Carlo's Bake Shop

I've been waiting for the hype to go down about Carlo's Bake Shop in the Florida Mall, when it first opened there were lines all around the food court waiting to get in. You might recognize this store from Cake Boss on Food Network. Buddy's original location is in Hoboken, NJ, my sister and I went there a few years ago and got right in and out. This time was no different, Ryan and I went at an odd time so there wasn't much of a wait.

I got a reeses cupcake, the inside was good but the icing wasn't. It had a slick butter texture. During my visit in NJ I got a pumpkin cheesecake so I didn't have anything to compare it to. I would say it's good, but next time I'm going to try something other than a cupcake.

The storefront looks just like the one in NJ

You can buy shirts, bags and water bottles

All the desserts 

The cannolis look good

More pastries 

Everything you get comes in a cute box

I carried around the cupcake for a while so it got distorted 

The inside was good!

Original location, this was in 2011