Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas at the Ruddy's 2015

We decided to decorate for Christmas early this year. With our schedules it worked out better to decorate early November. This year I used some inspiration from the TV show Baby Daddy. There was a Christmas episode where every last thing was decorated, it looks like Christmas threw up in the apartment, I LOVED it!! We thought it would be fun to do that too. After a trip to the Dollar Store we were ready to go.

I had the fall decorations up since August so I was ready for a change. There are lights in every room and some sort of holiday decor on every wall. I know it's cheesy but it's fun!

Baby Daddy inspiration 

Tiny tree is placed on a side table

While decorating I found a crackling fireplace on Youtube

"Snow" covered pinecones, moose glass from Christmas Vacation and the leg lamp from A Christmas Story 

The tree!

Old and new kitchen accessories 

I wrapped a picture frame and hug it back on the wall, all it's missing is a big bow

The coffee table has a fancy table cloth