Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Birchbox Review

I got Octobers box a couple weeks ago but I've been using the products for a while so I could write a good review, but I just can't seem to do so. I only liked 1 thing in the box this time, usually there's at least 2 or 3 good things. I tried so hard to like the humidity gel, the perfume and the Luna bar but they just didn't do it for me.

The humidity gel made my hair stiff in the morning, so I tried it again using less product the next time and it still did the same thing so I threw it away. The perfume, oh the perfume. I spilled half of one when trying to open it and then realized it smelt bad so I opened the other one and it smelt just as terrible. No offence to any older readers but both scents reminded me of something an old lady would wear, so I threw them away too. I never tried a Luna bar before but after I took one bite I gave it to Ryan, it was very chalky tasting.

I did like the luminizing powder that you can use to brighten up your eyes or cheeks, I have been using that daily to give my face a little more sparkle. Lastly, came these vitamin capsules that actually have some kind of moisturizer in them that you use in the morning then at night. They are OK, but I don't think I'll be investing in them.

This adds a little sparkle to your face.

I would not recommend this.

These were OK, but their $55 for a months worth .

I would not recommend this.

I would not recommend this.

Birchbox is only $10 a month. I've recommended it to a few friends and they love it. So sign up now! You can cancel at any time :) It's always a hit or miss with the products that come in your box, but it's always fun to get something in the mail.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend in pictures

Since Ryan's birthday was Thursday my whole family got together Friday night for dinner to celebrate. We even had cupcakes from a local bakery, but they did not compare to the cupcakes at Sweet in Orlando. Saturday after work Ryan, myself and our friend Anna went to our first UCF alumni event!!! It was held at a local restaurant which had reserved seating for all of us during the big football game against Marshall. We had a blast catching up, talking about the old days while in college, and watching the game. During football games there's certain chants and specific things you do when something happens and the crowd that night kept that tradition going. I think we were the loudest people in that place. It was great because we got to do all the same things you'd do sitting in the stands at a game. I can't wait for the next alumni event next week.

Sunday we cooked lunch on Ryan's new birthday present. It is nice having a grill because hamburgers on a stove aren't the same. Also, I spent the afternoon with my parents and we went to a Christmas shop and got to see all their new goodies for the season. My all time favorite is the porcelain dear head with antlers. It's a little out of my budget but it is the coolest thing.

Gluten free brownies.

These sure do look good.

Halloween is this week!

Proud of our Knights who won their game Saturday night.

Friends since Bubba Sparxxx freshman year :)

I don't know why, but this grill is so cute.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Nothing too exciting happened this past week except Ryan turned 25 on Thursday; it was his golden birthday!! It's crazy to think that we are getting so much older. People have this expectation of what your'e supposed to do when you get older and what the "right" thing is. i.e.: Finish high school, graduate from college, find a good job, get married, buy a house, have kids. Well, things don't always work out that way and the both of us are still trying to understand that the way we've done things is not in that order and that's OK. Turning such a big age has really made us think about these things, so let's make this the thought of the day...have you lived your life the "right" way according to society?

Also, recently I found pumpkin flavored pop tarts! I should really stop talking about pumpkin things but they are my all time favorite and are only around for a little while bare with me. Butttt they are very good. We also got a new couch at the end of last week. The one we had was just temporary and very very small. I am so excited to finally have something big enough for the 2 of us and Gizmo and Barney!

Some of Ryan's birthday cards.

Best pop tart on the market.

Don't mind the color, it's very comfortable. (Barney decided to photo bomb the pic! haha)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

Monday Ryan and I both had off so we went to EPCOT's Food and Wine festival. It was a perfect day outside which made everything more enjoyable. I've been to this park a million times and always seem to take the same pictures. I'm not sure why because those same things have been in the same spots since I was a kid. Anyways, we tasted beer and food from a bunch of different countries. My favorite was a pretzel from Germany and Ryan's was a Christmas wine from Germany.

A good tip if you decide to go, bring a set amount of cash so you have a limit on how much food and drinks you can buy. It's really easy to spend a couple hundred dollars, especially if you've been drinking. I think we walked around the world showcase 2 or 3 times so by the end of the day my feet were hurting but that didn't stop me from seeing Hanson!! We watched them do 4 songs then left because I only recognized 1 of them. It was my first time seeing them which is crazy because I've been their fan since elementary school and they've even played at UCF a couple of times.

Spaceship Earth.
Food and Wine festival promo.




Beer and wine in Germany. Prost!






Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend update

Over the weekend I did something drastic.....chopped off my hair!! I've always had short hair until about a year and a half ago when I decided to grow it out for the wedding and since then I just kept it long and that was about the longest I've ever had it. I had been contemplating for about a month if I should cut it short again so I finally just went with it on Saturday.

My friend Jaymie and I went to an Octoberfest and pretended we were in Germany again! We went 8 1/2 years ago with our German teacher and some other students, what parents would let their 15 and 16 year olds go to Europe? It was an adventure so we spent the afternoon reminiscing about that trip. Then we really went down memory lane and took a trip though our old high school.

Lastly, my mom cleared out the attic and I got some fake pumpkins out of it so I rearranged the fireplace area! I'm so happy that I'll have pumpkins set out through Thanksgiving now.

New hair.


German music.

"Make good decisions." -Snare

Fall is my favorite time of the year.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Over the past week I've slowly been getting sick. One day I came home from work and passed out for a couple of hours another day I was just fine and then another day I couldn't stop sneezing. I wish that if I was sick I was just sick instead of feeling blahh every day. Something is definitely up though because one minute I'll be sweating then the next I'll be shivering. I think it's because the weather is changing and my body is just getting used to it.

One of the things that I miss about living up north are the leaves changing and the cool weather during the day. In Florida the leaves don't change and it stays pretty hot until Christmas time.

A walk on the beach during the sunset was a great way to start off the week. 

Limited edition Clif bar (very good!)

We stocked up on some gluten free items for Ryan and of course wandered the store for about an hour. It's hard to go in and just get one thing at Whole Foods.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Motivation Monday

Sometimes life doesn't always give you what you want but you just have to keep going and be strong. I'm still working on figuring out many things in my life right now. I have so many questions that I just can't seem to answer. Should I go back to school and get a masters? What kind of career do I want to have? When is the right time to have kids? Those are just the ones I've got going on pertaining to me. Then I've got many other questions that I ask myself on a daily basis. How is my grandma so strong dealing with her cancer? When will Ryan figure out what kind of career he wants? Where do I see Ryan and myself living in the next few years? Will we ever buy a house or will we keep renting? Will we be able to travel before we have children?

Some days I think I have the answers and other days I just can't grasp how to start figuring these things out. I know everyone is going through different things and that reminds me that no one is perfect and we all are just trying to figure out the things that life throws at us. So with all all that said, do you see yourself asking questions similar to these and if so how are you dealing with them?

Friday, October 12, 2012


Nothing really exciting happened this week except I got my free things from Birchbox by using my points! I am in love with the "insta-this" nail polish, it's a great royal blue. Also, the split ends leave in cream has been working out great. Earlier in the week I painted some bobby pins with nail polish and let them dry over night. They are so cute and bring a pop of color to my hair.

Lastly, I didn't notice the misspelling of a nail polish I recently got from Birchbox until it was mentioned in a blog. You would think a big company would have someone do a spell check before putting stickers on everyone's nail polishes. It's also a great dark color for fall "status update." 

My box for October has already shipped so I am excited to see what I get next, it really is like Christmas once a month! 

Polish and spit end cream.
Fancy bobby pins.

A spelling error that went out to everyone who got this polish.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Busch Gardens

Yesterday Ryan and I went to Busch Gardens on our day off. Besides the 1000% humidity it was great. There were no waits and most of the time we walked right onto the rides. Last time we were there we noticed they've added quite a few animals but I didn't have my camera with me so this time I made sure to keep it out of the locker when walking around. I've been to this park a million times and never taken any pictures so it was cool that they have some new animals to look at.

They had pumpkin displays thoughout the park.

Cheetah hunt, the newest coaster. 

Elephant, thank you Sky Ride for the great view.

White tiger.



A wallaby.

Ryan touched the Kangaroo. 

I think this was an ostrich. 

New tiger viewing areas, very cool.