Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

Monday Ryan and I both had off so we went to EPCOT's Food and Wine festival. It was a perfect day outside which made everything more enjoyable. I've been to this park a million times and always seem to take the same pictures. I'm not sure why because those same things have been in the same spots since I was a kid. Anyways, we tasted beer and food from a bunch of different countries. My favorite was a pretzel from Germany and Ryan's was a Christmas wine from Germany.

A good tip if you decide to go, bring a set amount of cash so you have a limit on how much food and drinks you can buy. It's really easy to spend a couple hundred dollars, especially if you've been drinking. I think we walked around the world showcase 2 or 3 times so by the end of the day my feet were hurting but that didn't stop me from seeing Hanson!! We watched them do 4 songs then left because I only recognized 1 of them. It was my first time seeing them which is crazy because I've been their fan since elementary school and they've even played at UCF a couple of times.

Spaceship Earth.
Food and Wine festival promo.




Beer and wine in Germany. Prost!






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