Friday, October 26, 2012


Nothing too exciting happened this past week except Ryan turned 25 on Thursday; it was his golden birthday!! It's crazy to think that we are getting so much older. People have this expectation of what your'e supposed to do when you get older and what the "right" thing is. i.e.: Finish high school, graduate from college, find a good job, get married, buy a house, have kids. Well, things don't always work out that way and the both of us are still trying to understand that the way we've done things is not in that order and that's OK. Turning such a big age has really made us think about these things, so let's make this the thought of the day...have you lived your life the "right" way according to society?

Also, recently I found pumpkin flavored pop tarts! I should really stop talking about pumpkin things but they are my all time favorite and are only around for a little while bare with me. Butttt they are very good. We also got a new couch at the end of last week. The one we had was just temporary and very very small. I am so excited to finally have something big enough for the 2 of us and Gizmo and Barney!

Some of Ryan's birthday cards.

Best pop tart on the market.

Don't mind the color, it's very comfortable. (Barney decided to photo bomb the pic! haha)

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