Monday, February 25, 2013

Final apartment tour

These last 2 areas are the least decorated in the house, therefore the last part of the tour. Our bedroom has a bed, nightstand, lamp and bookshelf and that's it. It is a huge room and there is a ton of extra space but for right now it just sits really empty. The bathroom is nice because the toilet and shower are separated from the sink instead of it all being in one spot.

The king size bed looks tiny in this room

Walk in closet and a wall closet

Still haven't hung up some art work yet

Same things on the vanity from our other place

My favorite thing in the bathroom: a Christmas gift from my sister, a mason jar that is attached to wood and hung on the wall with some flowers

Friday, February 22, 2013


In case you're new around here every Friday I post about "Three" things that have happened during the week. Somethings might be a little more exciting than others, but hey it's my life in real time. I usually upload the pictures for the post throughout the week if I've done something somewhat cool, then on Thursday I narrow it down to 3 because lets face it, sometimes I don't do anything fun during the week and you might just see a picture of one of my dogs or a type of food that I thought was good that week.

I've cut down on on how much I post on Facebook tremendously so I can be more in depth about the pictures I'm posting. My family isn't near me and they all like to keep up with my life so I figured blogging was the best way to keep everyone informed of what's going on with Ryan and I.

This has been my life the past week and next week will be the same. 15 events in 14 days between Amway and Wicked at Bob Carr! 

We went to Oviedo and picked fresh strawberries

Leaving work at night

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

4 Rivers

I have been wanting to go to 4 Rivers Smokehouse since everyone in the central Florida area always raves about how good it is. I never went while in college so it was on my bucket list to go as soon as we moved back. We accidently found a closer location to our place than the original one in Winter Park, so I think we're in trouble. 

Hands down the best BBQ I've had yet, and I've have it in Texas and NC so it's not like I compared it to Sonny's. There is a huge menu and they give you your food on a tray, no plates and your sides come in small cups. It was the middle of the week when we went and we had to sit outside because it was packed inside. Oh my gosh was everything good. Ryan had the best sides, baked cheese and grits and baked sweet potatoes. 

They even have a Sweet Shop with cake, cupcakes and ice cream. We just looked around at all the goodies and tried some ice cream, lunch was too filling for dessert. It was a great lunch and not too expensive so if you're ever in the Winter Park, Longwood or Winter Garden area do yourself a favor and get some good BBQ!

4 Rivers Smokehouse

Loved the upscale western decor

Pulled chicken, mac and cheese and french fries

1/2 a chicken, baked sweet potatoes and baked cheese grits

BBQ sauce 

Some really good looking cakes

Monday, February 18, 2013

Apartment tour 3: porch and den

On to the next areas of the apartment.... The porch is right off of the living room which is perfect when it's nice outside because the sliding glass door can be open and it's almost like we get more space. Ryan has created a "turtle sanctuary" out there which actually looks kind of cool. It doesn't take up that much space so we have plenty of room to go in and out and get to the storage closet.

The den is also right off of the living room. It's a pretty big space with a built in desk and a large window. Sometimes it's nice to be on the computer in there instead of on the couch because I feel like I can focus more in there. We finally got some bookshelves put together and cleared up the space. The first couple of weeks you couldn't see the floor of the room and if something didn't have a place it just ended up in the den. Having this extra space makes me think, where was all this stuff at our old tiny apartment?

The turtles have a wet and dry area to hang out in

The porch holds the turtles, a grill and a huge storage colset

I tried to do a panorama of the den but it made it look kind of funny

This part holds random stuff

A bookshelf that is pretty full

The desk is bigger than it looks

Friday, February 15, 2013


I want to start off with, I forgot what powerful people live in Orlando. Wednesday night at the Magic game I saw Jose Baez (Casey Anthony's lawyer) and Richard Siegel, son and senior executive for the Westgate Resort timeshares. I had recognized him before but I knew it was him because that same day I watched a documentary about his company. (Lame, I know.) It was crazy though, both people in one night.

Last Saturday I finally went to the Winter Park farmers market. It was so cool to see so many people at a local event. We went to one in Apopka a few weeks ago and there was no one there so we didn't even get out of the car. During the week we went to Wekiva Springs and swam in the spring. It was a cool 72 degrees. We were the only ones in the water until right before we left a crowd came.

This week was also Valentine's Day. Nothing too exciting, we went to lunch and Ikea. That wraps up this week. Next week There's lots of events at Amway so that will be keeping me busy for sure.

Winter Park farmers market

The spring at Wekiva

I had to try every chocolate, of course

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's mantel

I've actually had the mantel like this since the 1st of the month, but with Valentine's Day being tomorrow I thought it would be a good fit to talk about it today. I already had everything so this whole set up only took me a couple of minutes to put together. I made the garland out of some colored paper and used glitter to spell "love." I had the mason jars in a closet so I took them out and found the sparkly branches from the Christmas display, then bam I was done.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Apartment tour 2: living room

There isn't much in our living room, the couch takes up 90% of the space. That is OK because the kitchen and dining room are right behind it so it feels like one big area. I don't really have much to say about this space other than it was really hard to get good pictures to show how big it actually is.

The porch is behind the blinds which is almost like an extension of the living room  when the door is open. 

The front door, kitchen and dining room are right behind the couch. 

The den is off of the living room.

My favorite thing in this room (besides the fireplace.)

Friday, February 8, 2013


I really don't know what day it is until I have to put it on paper, working part time at nights has really messed up my schedule. I go to bed after midnight and don't wake up until around 10am. Before we moved I was in bed by 10pm and up at 6:30am. Any who, just thought I'd share about thinking it was the weekend already.

Last weekend Ryan got a new car FINALLY! He's been needing one since we met over 4 years ago, and when his Thunderbird finally stopped working it was cheaper to get a new one than to fix the broken car.

We also went to Downtown Disney for a couple of hours during the week, there are so many new things there. I really want to go bowling at Splitsville but it's $15 a person, that's kind of a lot I feel like. Also, Ryan started at Sea World this week. He's just been in orientation so far but it's going to be a big change for him working full time since he's only worked part time while in grad school. He has this last semester and a paper due over the summer then he will have a masters in criminal justice!!

97 Trail Blazer

All the times I've been to dt Disney and I've never gotten anything from Ghiradelli until this week

Ryan will be doing security 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This is UCF

Ryan and I went to UCF yesterday to hang out, study, see old friends and enjoy the college life again. Here is what I thought while on campus:

As I sit here in the middle of the hustle and bustle at one of the largest universities in the nation I know no one but myself and Ryan. I was the one who recognized 80% of the people on campus because I knew everyone in my dorm and went out every night.

I walked to class in 100 degree weather every day, 30 minutes each way with my heavy lap top in hand. Gossiped about friends, roommates and boys. Went to the gym almost every other day. Wore a UCF shirt everyday. Got every thing I could for free when things were being handed out on campus. Failed tests, passed tests. Worried about getting a neon green parking ticket if I parked in the events garage during the week.

Now, today, I have none of those issues. During my time in college those were first world problems though. Sometimes I wish I was a student again, but then I look back thinking about how much I struggled just to pass my classes. Even though it took me longer to graduate I wouldn't change anything that happened in college. My life is pretty good now.

It's weird, but being here just gives me the energy and motivation to keep doing better things with my life. It's hard to explain but there's just something about being connected to this university that reminds me that everything is OK.

I took this video with the Vine app I talked about last week.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Apartment tour: kitchen and dining room

This move we didn't buy anything so your'e going to recognize everything, it's just in a different space. Ryan's parents did give us their old couch, but you'll see that in a later post. This week will be all about the dining room and kitchen. I am in love with our huge kitchen, there's enough room for more than 1 person! We also still have a couple cabinets that are completely empty, or just have a couple things in them...there's so much room.

The dining room is right off of the kitchen

Kitchen and mini bar

Kitchen and full size washer and dryer behind the door

The kitchen over looks the living room

Looking out of the kitchen to the dining room

There is so much counter space that I was able to put my grandfathers Mickey Mouse cookie jar on display instead of somewhere up top