Monday, February 18, 2013

Apartment tour 3: porch and den

On to the next areas of the apartment.... The porch is right off of the living room which is perfect when it's nice outside because the sliding glass door can be open and it's almost like we get more space. Ryan has created a "turtle sanctuary" out there which actually looks kind of cool. It doesn't take up that much space so we have plenty of room to go in and out and get to the storage closet.

The den is also right off of the living room. It's a pretty big space with a built in desk and a large window. Sometimes it's nice to be on the computer in there instead of on the couch because I feel like I can focus more in there. We finally got some bookshelves put together and cleared up the space. The first couple of weeks you couldn't see the floor of the room and if something didn't have a place it just ended up in the den. Having this extra space makes me think, where was all this stuff at our old tiny apartment?

The turtles have a wet and dry area to hang out in

The porch holds the turtles, a grill and a huge storage colset

I tried to do a panorama of the den but it made it look kind of funny

This part holds random stuff

A bookshelf that is pretty full

The desk is bigger than it looks

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