Friday, February 22, 2013


In case you're new around here every Friday I post about "Three" things that have happened during the week. Somethings might be a little more exciting than others, but hey it's my life in real time. I usually upload the pictures for the post throughout the week if I've done something somewhat cool, then on Thursday I narrow it down to 3 because lets face it, sometimes I don't do anything fun during the week and you might just see a picture of one of my dogs or a type of food that I thought was good that week.

I've cut down on on how much I post on Facebook tremendously so I can be more in depth about the pictures I'm posting. My family isn't near me and they all like to keep up with my life so I figured blogging was the best way to keep everyone informed of what's going on with Ryan and I.

This has been my life the past week and next week will be the same. 15 events in 14 days between Amway and Wicked at Bob Carr! 

We went to Oviedo and picked fresh strawberries

Leaving work at night

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