Friday, October 12, 2012


Nothing really exciting happened this week except I got my free things from Birchbox by using my points! I am in love with the "insta-this" nail polish, it's a great royal blue. Also, the split ends leave in cream has been working out great. Earlier in the week I painted some bobby pins with nail polish and let them dry over night. They are so cute and bring a pop of color to my hair.

Lastly, I didn't notice the misspelling of a nail polish I recently got from Birchbox until it was mentioned in a blog. You would think a big company would have someone do a spell check before putting stickers on everyone's nail polishes. It's also a great dark color for fall "status update." 

My box for October has already shipped so I am excited to see what I get next, it really is like Christmas once a month! 

Polish and spit end cream.
Fancy bobby pins.

A spelling error that went out to everyone who got this polish.

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