Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wood art

Recently Ryan has been doing pyrography, which means decorating wood by burning it with a solid-point burner. He already had the burner but lately decided to start using it to make art. We talked about what type of art would sell and I suggested using our last name and then saying "est" for when we got married. So he made that on some scrap wood and the final product came out really good.

After "The Ruddy" art looked so good he decided to start using color. He would burn the design onto wood then color it in with chalk or colored pencil. We both agree that the chalk looks better, more polished than the pencil. Using the pencil you can still see the grains of wood.

My second art request is currently being worked on, chevron with an anchor in the middle. I know it's nothing special since it's very popular right now, but I think it will make a nice addition in the bathroom with our other beach art.

If you would like Ryan to make a piece for you just let me know :)

We no longer have a dining room table

Wood burner, you can buy it at any craft store 

"The Ruddy's. Est 2011"

1st chalk art

1st colored pencil art

Practicing anchors (chalk)

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