Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Freshfields Farm trip

Ryan and I spent our rainy morning exploring Freshfields Farms. I have heard a lot about it and how cheap it was for local and organic groceries. It was weird that you had to go to 2 stores to get the meat and produce, but it was right next door to each other and connected by a little cash only (who only takes cash?!?!) ice cream shop.

First we got the meat; chicken, fish, pulled pork, ground pork, sausage and bacon. Next we went to the produce side and got fruit and veggies. We spent $65 all together and defiantly got enough food for the next couple weeks. We usually go to a couple different stores when grocery shopping; a meat store, a produce store and then an actual grocery store for snacks and other things. I think this might be my new favorite, it will cut down on how many stores we actually go to.

The outside looks like a barn!!

The huge amount of meat

Really convenient size

Huge selection of veggies

Piles and piles of veggies

Fresh juices, we got fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade

Starbucks lovers you'll like this one

S'more frap.....so good!

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