Friday, January 18, 2013

Three: mini bar ideas

I've always liked the idea of a mini bar where alcohol is easily accessible to your guests or just a great way to put your boo's on display with some fancy cups instead of bottles lined up on top of a fridge (which is our current method.) With our new apartment being bigger I know just the spot to put a bar cart! I already have most of the things like, glasses, mixers and coasters so I'm just on the hunt for the perfect table/cart/shelf thing. 

There are many different ways people put their areas together and I have gotten some great ideas like; using a bookshelf and creating a space for your alcohol, putting bottles on a tray to make it a little more "put together" and lastly, filling up an entire cart with all the necessities for a good drink. Here is what I'm talking about....

This blogger already had a shelf full of things so she just made a space for alcohol on top and cups right below. 

This blogger used her divided bookshelf and put similar items in the same spot and the bottles on a tray right up front so her guests know what she has to drink. 

This blogger has everything you need to make a perfect drink, including many different types of alcohol so a number of drinks could me made. 

After doing some research I will be collaborating ideas from all of these ladies to make the "perfect" mini bar. So if you're ever in the area or want to stop by to see the new place come on over and I'll make a drink for you!

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