Monday, June 3, 2013

Pre wedding

As most of you know my cousin Madison got married this past weekend in NC. My sister and I were part of the wedding party so we made a weekend out of her event. We took a million pictures over a 3 day period so I'll break down the wedding posts for you.

All of Madisons bridesmaids were her cousins which made it extra special because we are all very close, we've been going to family reunions every year since we were babies so we know eachother pretty well. Here are a handful of pictures that got taken up until we got dressed for the ceremony.  

The bride and her cousins

The bridal party and flower girl

Bride and mom

Bride with grandma and aunts

Wedding party hair

Me with the bride all ready to put on our dresses

Me and my cousin Carly

The only 2 girls on that side of the family

Me and my sister Allison

Allison and Carly

I was in charge of holding the grooms ring. It was too big to wear on my finger so I tied it around my wrist (brides sparkly shoes)

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