Monday, June 17, 2013

Wekiva Island

I have been researching Wekiva Island and trying to figure it out what exactly it was for the past couple weeks so when Ryan and I finally had the same day off we explored it. The best way I can explain it is, hanging out on the river and drinking. It is on the Wekiva River and connects to Wekiva Springs State Park. There is a dock where you can relax in their comfy wooden chairs, a restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat and a bar where you can pretend its 5'oclock anywhere.

Along with all of that there is a volleyball court, small rock climbing wall and canoe rentals for $30, oh and dogs are allowed.! The best part it's free to get in, and only a $1 per person on the weekends. Another great plus, it's about 5 minutes down the road from me, so on my days off this summer I will defiantly be hanging out here.

Entrance to the park

Chairs along the river

Outdoor bar

The river

Canoe rentals and launch

Volleyball court and rock climbing wall

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