Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Girl Scout flavored coffee creamer

So I was googling when pumpkin creamer would be available (typical me around this time of year) when I found that there are Girl Scout cookie flavored creamers by Coffee Mate. So far there is only thin mint and caramel and coconut. In my area you can only by it at Target (there's a store locator on their website.) After finding out this exciting news I went to Target the next day!

I love thin mints, but my favorite of the two is caramel and coconut. It goes great with a coffee I drink on a daily basis called "home for the holidays" that has coconut, caramel and vanilla flavors already in it. I was expecting them to be expensive since the cookies are pricey, but they were only $1.99 each. Give them a try!

The 2 flavors

Favorite coffee mug

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