Monday, August 19, 2013

RIP Newton

Our duck, Newton passed away over the weekend :/ He was a cute little rescue who meant no harm. Your not going to believe the way he passed but I'll share anyways. He got stuck in a slipper and Barney (our dog) tried to get him out. He was pawing at it and biting the slipper to get him out but I think he bit his legs because as soon as I got Newton out of the slipper he couldn't walk. He lasted 2 more days after that but he wasn't himself.

Barney was very interested in him, he would stare at him in his tank for hours and try and play with him. When Newton was out running around Barney would run with him, he wasn't sure if he was a friend our a toy so we had to remind him to be gentle. Gizmo (our other dog) could have cared less, he knew that Newton was around but he's an older dog who has lost his hearing and has bad eye sight so he didn't bother with him.

Stare down on the couch

Checking out his new friend

Gizmo eating and Newton drinking out of the dog bowls

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