Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall polish

Since the first day of fall is today I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite fall polishes. During this time of the year I gravitate towards nude or darker polishes. Neon pink just looks funny when you're bundled up in your winter gear. Most of these polishes are Essie (I have a problem) but there are many other brands that have similar colors that cost less. My second favorite is NYC and their under $2!

Perfect nude, sometimes it takes 3 coats but it looks much better than a plain nail

Jazz by Essie

I would put this in the nude category, it is much lighter in person and is great if you need just a little color on your fingers 

Soree Mauvee by Essie

Red is perfect for fall and winter

Bloody Mary by Nailtini

I thought this was a navyish color, but in the sun its a very very deep purple great if you're not ready for jet black

Smokin' hot by Essie

Favorite fall polish of all time. I used to wear NYC's Taupe non stop until it was gone so when I found this one that's pretty much the same color I threw it in the cart. It's a dark brown that goes with everything

Don't sweater it by Essie

I color blocked my ring finger. Full coat of "don't sweater it" and the top is "smokin' hot" 

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