Monday, October 21, 2013


Last week Ryan and I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. We had been only a few times before so we knew what we were getting into. This year was all about the TV show The Walking Dead; there were zombies everywhere! We only did 3 houses, even though their different themes its the same thing in general. Someone pops out to scare you and your heart is racing once you walk out of the house.

Besides the houses we watched The Rocky Horror Makeup Show and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure which were both great!! If you've never seen the Bill and Ted show it's all about making fun of celebrities and dancing to the popular songs that are on the radio right now.

*Sorry for the bad dark pictures, but it was hard getting good shots in the dark

Zombies taking over New York

Burning barn walk through

He was attacking me

Zombie girl

Zombie eating a deer

Rocky Horror


Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show 

Posing with a dead body

Riding a bike and got hit by a car. haha

Best show
Moe's Tavern 

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