Monday, December 30, 2013


Another year has passed for us Ruddy's. We started out in Palm Harbor and ended in Orlando and will be moving down the road in the next couple of months (we sure do move a lot.) The biggest accomplishment of 2013? Ryan graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a masters in Criminal Justice and I became a full time relief lead at the Blue Man Group.

January: after a year and 4 months of being married I changed my last name. I go by Shannon Heit Ruddy now, yes all 3 names 
Feb: Ryan started his internship at Sea World and got a new SUV
March: we worked a lot this month and went to Sea World quite a few times

April: I started working in the box office at Blue Man, and 5 months later I was promoted to a full time relief lead

May: working at Amway I get to see a lot of awesome concerts, this was just one of them

June: my cousin Madison got married in NC, my sister and I were both bridesmaids 

July: my great Grandma Hager passed away right after here 104th birthday

Aug: Ryan graduated from UC and I turned 25

Sept: we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary

Oct: Ryan turned 26 and we got to go to Halloween Horror Nights
Nov: Thanksgiving day

Dec: First year sending out Christmas cards

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