Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Last week when I went to my parents for 23.5 hours I cooked a huge meal for everyone and made one of the quickest appetizers ever, brie. I've had brie before but this was my first time cooking it. 3 ingredients and I was done. I opted for jelly instead of fancy jams, and pizza dough instead of biscuits which would have taken a lot longer to pinch them all together.

First, I laid out the pizza dough then put the brie on that then plopped grape jelly on top then folded it all together and cooked it for 20 min. It was so good just pulled apart with hot cheese in the middle.

* I automatically went to Publix for the cheese (which was $6.99) but I found the same exact one in Aldi for $2.49

All laid out

Cheese wrapped up

3 ingredients 

Fresh out of the oven

Gooey cheese and jelly

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