Monday, April 14, 2014

Blown up pic

This was the coolest and most simple project I have done that came out with the best results. My cousin told me how cheap she got blown up pictures from Office Depot and I knew that was my next project. I did this quite a few months ago but never shared it. I ordered the biggest picture from Office Max (24x36) and picked it up the next day. Not knowing how I would hang it or where to put it. I looked around the house at our other big pictures and found a frame that I could work with.

The picture was printed on regular paper in black in white so I trimmed a few inches off and taped it right to the picture in the picture frame of fall leaves. I figured I wouldn't miss it so much and if I did I could just take the paper picture off. It's not the most professional way to do it, but looking up close you'd never know I just tapped it onto something else. 

The hooks on the original frame were horizontal and the picture was vertical so I took a screw driver and moved a hook to the other side and bamm I was done. Total cost $3.90 before tax. Win!

Huge picture inspiration 

Original picture and frame

24x36 print. Took up my whole trunk

Final product

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