Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pegboard headboard

I started pinning on Pinterest "new apartment ideas" as soon as we signed our lease back in January. This was one of the last things I pinned and it's my favorite thing of all time! The past few places we've lived I've tried to come up with a head board but failed so when I saw how easy and versatile this was I started looking for free pegboards on Craigslist. All the ones I found were too far away or too small. Ryan surprised me with his finding a couple months ago (yes, it sat in our living room at our old place for over a month!)

The board was too tall so he sawed off a couple feet and it fits perfectly behind the bed. We did put a couple of nails at the top so it wouldn't flop over, but the bed is holding it up for the most part. So for this project all I bought was a pack of 3 baskets for $9.99 and a pack of 32 hooks for less than $4 from Home Depot. Less than $15 for the whole thing is great considering the price of a pegboard at Home Depot. 

Pegboard headboard inspiration 

Almost $19 at HD, ours FREE

Standing against the wall after it was cut

Hooks that came in a pack of 32

Testing out hooks and baskets
Behind the bed and screwed in up top so it doesn't fall over

All  complete

Side view of the size

Some goodies from around the house; monogram R's, wedding picture, map of UCF, degree cover, Ryan's triathlon medal 

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