Sunday, August 16, 2015

Command center

I love gallery walls and while looking them up on Pinterest I came across a command center wall. Thinking back I've heard bloggers talk about them and I've seen how helpful they are. I immediately started pinning ideas and looking around online for baskets. I ended up getting the teal basket and black hooks at Old Time Pottery for $13 total. I had everything else!

It took a couple days to figure out the placement of the items, but I think it turned out very functional. Having everything that kind of sort of goes together on one wall is nice.

The final product has 2 whiteboards (Ryan likes to plan out his weeks), a calendar, basket for coupons, clock and a hook rack for hanging light things.

Figuring out the placements

The hooks were on sale for $3

I had this organizer in a box because there was no where for it before, now it works perfect holding little things

I love the teal basket with a chalkboard front

The final product. It's right near the front door so we have our keys hanging there :)

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