Saturday, May 19, 2012


To keep me on track with keeping up with this blog I've decided I'll post something about 3 things every Saturday wether it be what I've learned throughout the week, fun places I went or want to go, what I found interesting, my new favorite things at the moment or whatever else I can come up with. This week will be 3 things I've learned.

Never buy something unless it's on sale unless you really need it. I found a bikini bottom on sale at goodwill for $1.89! If it didn't have the original Target tag on it I wouldn't have bought just incase it had been used before. 

I really like Moscato wine. My sister introduced it to me but I never had it again until the cruise and when I came back I found a liter of it at Publix for $6.99! I reused one of my cruise cups and pretended like I never left the boat one afternoon. 

My dad, Ryan and I went to the Mummies exhibit at MOSI today and learned what mummies are, where they came from and what people used to do with them. It was cool to see things that are thousands of years old still look so good. 

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