Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Deja vu

These past 4 days all I have been feeling is deja vu. I feel like I do the same thing every day. Get up, eat breakfast while searching and applying for jobs, swim in the pool for an hour or so, search for more jobs then by that time dinner is ready. I know we've only been home for a little over a week but I'm ready to work again. We've been looking at houses online so that's been a big motivator to get a job and move out of my parents house. Our personal goal, have our own house by our first anniversary which is September 23.....oh wow that's only 4 months from today, I better get crackin.

My dad took us cast net fishing. He was the only one who caught 2 fish.

I love a good Florida sunset.

After unpacking I realized I gave away all of my winter clothes and most of my summer clothes because I never got to wear any of them because of work. Being back in Florida and realizing it's only getting hotter I knew I needed to go shopping. Yesterday I broke out of the routine I had gotten into and spent my entire last paycheck. It's nice being so close to an H&M and Forever 21, the closest ones were in NYC while we were in PA.

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