Friday, June 1, 2012


Since it is officially June I thought it would be perfect for 3 things that remind me of summer. There are many things that came to mind like; sweet tea, ice cream at any time of the day, walking the beach at night and bike rides around the block.

Nothing says summer like spending every day in the pool. I'm finally tan again!!!! The best part after coming home from the beach is jumping right into a cold pool before taking a shower. 

We have been cooking dinner on the grill just about every other day for the past week. There just something about grill marks on food that makes it taste better. 

This is a painting of my Grandfathers old chalet that is in Gatlinburg, TN. Ever since I was a toddler my entire family, about 40 of us at a time would go to this house every summer and spend an entire week together. Ever since my Grandfather sold the chalet we have been going to the beach for reunions, but I personally like the mountains better.

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