Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where did May go

I can't believe June is right around the corner! I've been keeping busy this week with other things than just applying for jobs. Finding a job is a job in itself I feel like. This past Saturday Ryan and I went to the springs to do a little snorkeling and see the world famous mermaid show. The water was 74 degrees and crystal clear.

A school of fish.

I love our underwater camera.

Sunday was my great grandmas 103rd birthday party in Bradenton. There was about 40 of us there at one time. My great grandma still lives on her own, cooks and has just started walking with a walker. She's a trooper and I am lucky to have such a great woman in my life like her.

She's still blowing out her own candles. 

My great grandma Hager and I.

3 grandchildren with their grandma and great grandma. 

It's been kind of yucky out the past couple of days so I'm looking forward to a good beach or kayak day soon.

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