Monday, June 18, 2012


I got a creative last week and made some things. My favorite craft project was a case for my iPhone. I was going to order a custom on on but when I saw the cheapest one being $60 I knew I had to make my own. I bought a clear case on ebay for $1.89 and a couple pieces of scrapbook paper from Michaels for $1.15 downloaded some fonts and played around with it. I absolutely love how it turned out and I love how I saved a ton of money.

$3.04 iPhone case.

This one isn't really a craft but it's a new product where you pick a flavored sugar packet and add it to icing to create your own flavor. We picked out "mint chocolate." It was easy to make and tasted really good. It would be perfect for chocolate cake or cupcakes.

I saw this one on Pinterest and figured it looked really easy. I just painted my house key with nail polish then when it dried I added some sparkle. It dried really quickly, which I liked a lot about this project. 

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