Saturday, July 7, 2012


Three things I did this week...besides work. Wednesday was the 4th of July, Ryan and I drove out to the causeway and got to see Tampa's, all of the east coast beaches and Manatee County beaches fireworks. We got stuck in some traffic getting there (I really had no idea Safety Harbor was putting on a free concert that night.) Thursday I had the day off so we went to Clearwater Beach, it was nice and relaxing then by 2 we were starving so we ate lunch in downtown Dunedin. Friday, I had been nervous all week about Friday. We applied at our bank to get a mortgage loan! Why Friday, because that is when I got my first big paycheck from my new job.

Now the waiting game to hear back from the bank, and if we get the good news it's time to house hunt! I am so excited to start this next chapter in our lives. I lived away from home for 6 years and then to all of the sudden get married and move back into your parents house isn't exactly glamours when your trying to make a name for yourself and start your own family.

Just because you are 18 doesn't mean you are an adult. I think there are many things that go along with being older and responsible. I don't necessarily have a list of the "requirements" but buying a house would be in the top 3 for sure.

4th of July fireworks

Clearwater Beach

Now it's a waiting game to find out if we can buy a house or not

*I can see the number of people who read each entry on here but no one ever comments on them. I got a text from one of my friends asking about Birchbox so that made me happy to know that people really do read my blog to see what's going with me :)

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