Sunday, July 1, 2012

Birchbox review

I love reading blogs and most of the ladies who write them subscribe to Birchbox. It is a monthly subscription where you pay $10 a month and you get a box of beauty samples (sometimes their even full size!) I received my first box this past week and was so excited. I wasn't expecting to get my first box until July because I thought I had signed up too late for June so it was fun going through everything after a long day of work. 

I love how I can cancel at anytime and my card won't be charged, but after liking my first box so much I think I will be sticking with this subscription for a while :)

This is all of the goodies that came in the box. 

I like the description of each item and how much it would cost if you wanted to purchase the full size product. 

This was the most interesting product I used. It's a self tanning wipe. If applied right it really does make you look tan after 3 hours.

The tanning wipe looked just like a wet wipe so as I was using it I didn't think it was working and had no idea I missed a bunch of spots on my arm. 

It is hard to see it in this picture but my arm is a couple different colors. I woke up and didn't have any time to fix the problem so I ended up wearing a sweater all day until I got home and immediately used the second wipe. 

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