Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Debby downer

This week has been interesting so far with this tropical storm Debby. It rained for over 24 hours straight and cities are still underwater and the Skyway Bridge is still closed. It is supposed to touch down north of here on Thursday so hopefully no more damage will happen around here although it would be really cool to kayak down the street. Ryan and I went to the art museum at SPC on Sunday during the rain just to get out of the house. We got in for free because we are both "students." 

Cool glass art.

My favorite painting of France by a student.

There was an Andy Warhol exhibit which was really cool but I wasn't allowed to take pictures. 

It rained so much the pool and turtle pool were both over flowing.

Monday night I mastered the "fish tail braid." It came out so good and my hair looks really long. I have been waiting to do this but my hair has never been long enough (without extensions) so I was ecstatic with the final product!

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