Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First wedding anniversary

For our first wedding anniversary this past weekend Ryan and I traveled all over the place. Friday night we stayed with his parents in Daytona and got to catch up with them. Saturday we walked around UCF which brought back a lot of memories. After visiting some places that are only near campus we headed to the attraction area to check into our hotel. That night we met up with some friends and hung out at Downtown Disney.

Sunday we debated on just hanging out or going to Islands of Adventure, we picked hanging out and went to 2 different outlets and the mall. Monday we went to IOA and didn't wait more than 20 minutes for anything and got through the whole park twice in record time (much better decision waiting to go during the week.)

I have to say being back in Orlando was very nostalgic. Ryan and I lived there for 5 years before we moved and sometimes I think of it as home rather than the Tampa Bay area for of a lot of reasons. Maybe we'll move back there one day, we keep talking about it so we'll see where life takes us.

The bookstore on campus.

UCF, my alma mater. I can't believe I graduated almost 2 years ago!

Instead of bringing the whole top of the wedding cake we got some cupcakes from Sweet to celebrate instead.

Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney.

The Wizzarding World of Harry Potter.


My parents new dog, Teddie. She only weighs 4 pounds and is full of energy!

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