Friday, September 21, 2012

Wedding day bliss

Instead of doing my usual post about 3 things that happened during my week I thought I'd share some of our wedding day pictures. We will be married for 1 year on Sunday, where has the time gone? It really does feel like yesterday that I had the butterflies in my stomach as I was getting ready with my sister and cousins before I partied the night away with our family and closest friends. We spent over a year planning so when September 23rd came around we were ready for the day to be over.

The day of the wedding was perfect unless you were me or the wedding planner you wouldn't have known anything went wrong...which nothing did except an hour before the wedding we moved the ceremony to an inside chapel because of the weather (awesome move on my part.) I still can't believe that the plan all along was to get married outside, I am in love with the chapel pictures and think that they came out great.

Ryan and I have done more in a first year of marriage than most couples; we both graduated from UCF, moved across the country twice (to PA and back), started 2 whole new jobs (in PA then in FL), got a dog, moved back in with my parents, started to buy a house then realized it wasn't the right time for us to buy, then finally moved into an apartment that we now call home.

Our photographers took 973 pictures I have narrowed it down to 23 on here so you don't get bored of us :) I put them in order of how the day went. There were so many options to choose from but I think these capture the day just perfect. Here is Adrienne's website in case you need a great photographer one day!

PS- We will be in Daytona and Orlando this weekend celebrating so let me know if you want to catch up!

Most of these pictures I have never shared so enjoy!!

*Fun fact- I still haven't changed my last name yet, I am legally still a Heit. 

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