Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas time in the city

You may ask why I'm posting about the famous tree in NYC? Tonight is the lighting and I thought I'd share my experience with going last year.

My sister and I did the most random thing ever, we planned a spur of the moment trip to NYC to see the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. She flew into PA in the morning and after I got off work we drove to NJ checked into our hotel then took a train into the city. The night of the lighting was the worst! 

The streets were crowded with so many people that the police blocked them off and at some points we couldn't even move, we were at a standstill in the middle of the sidewalk with a couple of thousand people. We were able to hear Justin Bieber and Usher singing so that was cool. Other than that I wouldn't recommend trying to see the tree on the actual night of the lighting. 

We ended up going first thing the next morning which was perfect, there wasn't that many people there. The only difference was we didn't get to see it all lit up but I had seen it at night the year before so that was just fine by me. 

2011 tree at Rockefeller Center.

The tree!

The streets were filled with huge Christmas related things, these lights were so tall.

2010 tree at Rockefeller Center.

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