Monday, November 26, 2012

November Birchbox review

I got a good November box! I've been shopping around for another company who does the same exact thing as Birchbox and think I found them! I'm still on the fence of switching over but this other company has way better things and it's the same price. Maybe for Christmas I'll make the switch. 

Last month I was really disappointed so when I got 2 good things this time I was happy. I know it sounds a little selfish but when you have to throw away everything in your box it's like throwing away money. Anyways, lets start off with the good. I love the mascara, it says it's volumizing but I didn't think so. I do love how I don't have raccoon eyes after I come out of the shower at night, so that's a plus. The moisturizing cream is great. I never put cream on my face before makeup but with the weather changing my face is drying out quicker so this helps my makeup stay on longer.

I did not like the hair powder that is for oily hair. It smelt awful and turned my black shirt white. I also didn't like the perfume, the bottle was really small so when I opened it it spilled everywhere then made my hands stink for the next hour. 

The box.

Volumizing mascara.

Moisturizing cream. 

Perfume that stinks, it did come with a cute postcard though.

Hair powder and a "extra gift" chocolate which was good. They had these items in a box that says give on it so you can put something of your own in the box then give it to someone just because.

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