Friday, November 23, 2012

Three: Thankful for

Since Thanksgiving was yesterday I thought I'd reflect on a couple things that I'm thankful for. I'll do one big thing at the end of the year, but to keep it short I'll stick to my usual "Three" things post that I do every Friday. First off, I'm thankful for Ryan, my great husband who I can count on for anything that life throws at us (believe me this has been a challenging year for us.)

Second, I'm veryyyyy happy that my grandma is doing so well through her chemo. I haven't gone into detail about her but long story short, she got diagnosted with stage 4 ovarian cancer last year and has gone through surgery and multiple rounds of chemo and this treatment she is on now is the last option for her and she will have to be on it for the rest of her life. She has such a great spirit about life and everything that she is going through. She is such a strong woman. Also, my great grandma is still alive and well at 103!

Finally, I am grateful that we moved back to Florida over the summer. It was a culture shock for both of us in PA and we just weren't that happy up there. I don't regret moving up there, so I like to think of it as a learning experience.

Date night with my hubby (haha, I never say that.)
Me, my grandma, cousin and sister on Thanksgiving.
Home sweet home.

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