Thursday, November 15, 2012


You all are probably over my pumpkin obsession but not to worry the season is almost over and I'll be onto peppermint next (that only lasts though December.) Anyways, Ryan came home with this pumpkin caramel sauce that is great on top of ice cream! Saturday UCF played USF at their season opener in Tampa so we pulled up the card table and got some wings and beer and watched our Knights win the war on I4! There was also a UCF football game that night but we didn't get that channel :/

Lastly, I've been doing my research for my black Friday shopping. Since I have to work at 7:30 the Friday after Thanksgiving I've realized I'm not going to be able to shop at midnight like usual but that's OK because more stores are open on Thanksgiving this year. That's not good for the employees, but good for people like me who may not be able to get the deals when the stores are open all night. The best deals on appliances I've found are at Walmart on Thanksgiving day starting at 8pm, some items are right under $4!

Best ice cream topper yet.

Brought the card table in the living room and all. 

I know what stores I'll be at on Thanksgiving night.

BONUS *Until Sunday Starbucks has buy one get one on their holiday drinks 2-5PM. My cousin Faith and I took part in this yesterday :)

Caramel brulee latte is my favorite.

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