Thursday, November 8, 2012


This week I didn't mean to focus on one topic but it kept coming up, being more "grown up." Earlier in the week Ryan and I spent a good half an hour in Walmart trying to pick some new scents for our place. I think we smelled every single one there was on display. Our apartment only has 1 window in the back, then the front door and sliding glass door in the front so sometimes it can get a little stuffy. We eventually decided on some wax that you melt over a candle that smells like mint chocolate along with some other things. 

Also during the week Obama was re-elected as president. I'm not really into the political thing but whichever person got elected I was planning on posting their picture because it's a big deal. 

Wednesday night went to a UCF alumni networking event with our friend Jen and met the new dean of the business college. He is a very nice person to talk with, and between the 3 of us we had a great conversation with him. I made my own business cards but didn't give any away except to enter a drawing. There was only about 20 people and we were the youngest graduates but we still had a good time.

Some new holiday scents. 

President Obama. 

My business cards. 

*The weather this week has been beautiful!

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