Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas at the Ruddy's '12

First off, who buys a tree 9 days before Christmas? Uhh we do! Long story short and a good thing to know Lowe's marks down all their live trees, wreaths and garland half off or more right before Christmas. We already had a fake 4ft tree but I really wanted a real one and didn't want to spend the money just to throw it away at the end of the month so when I saw a tree for $10 I was sold. Now the real mission was to find a stand. We went to a couple of stores that were sold out and long story short we got one at Kmart for $5. I think we did pretty good. 

"Little full, lotta sap"

I took all the ornaments off the little tree and pulled the lights off the porch to decorate the new tree all in about 10 minutes. 

The tree and mantel. 

Countdown to Christmas.

The wreath fell off the hanger so I had to improvise and use the thermostat. 

The little tree now sits on the floor in our room. 

The stars blink on the front porch. 

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