Friday, December 7, 2012

Three events

This past week included some events that kept us busy. Tuesday night I sliced off my big toe nail when scooting my chair into a table at a restaurant within the first few minutes we were there. I was in pain and so embarrassed that I asked for a band-aid and then left. I haven't had any major accidents before so looking down and seeing my toe nail separated from my skin kind of freaked me out!

Wednesday was Ryan and I's 4 year anniversary. We went out to eat (because that didn't happen the day before) then came home and watched Home Alone. While watching we reminisced about our past anniversaries and realized we watched this movie on our 1st anniversary! Maybe we should make it a tradition every couple of years?

Thursday night a couple of my friends and I went to a UCF Alumni Christmas party in Tampa. We had a great girls night and gossiped about relationships, work and of course college and how much we've all grown since graduating. I like how the Tampa chapter is so active, they try to do a couple events a month to keep everyone involved.

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