Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter mantel

I started getting ideas for this mantel right after I was done with the fall one. I didn't put anything that had to do with Christmas on it so I could keep it around until the end of January or so (besides the stockings.) I knew I wanted everything to be mainly white so I started with a bottle of spray paint and went from there. I found branches at the park, saved some soup cans and reused the pine cones from fall. We had a gift card to Hobby Lobby so we got a canvas, some sparkly branches and the spray paint at no cost.

The only thing I had to buy was the glue and glitter for the deer silhouette and then the snowflake picture holder that I used to hang the stockings. So over all this was done for less than $12! Another successful  mantel, and my favorite yet. I'm sure I'll be switching somethings up after Christmas though.


When stocking holders aren't cheap you figure out what else will work. This is a picture holder but for $6 is will hold our stockings. 

Spray painted soup cans, pine cones and branches with some sparkly things. 

Side view with a sparkly deer.

The final product. I took down the painting and put a sparkly deer in it's place. It seemed more fitting for the season. 

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