Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ipsy review

This is going to be my last Ipsy bag for a while. Even though I keep getting great products I am canceling my subscription because I am going to start putting aside $10 a month for the vacations we have coming up this year instead. I know it isn't that much, but it all adds up. I can sign back up at any point so maybe later in the year I'll join again. This month I got lotion, nail polish, hair spray, an eye brush and hydrating oil. It's funny because no joke I am almost out of hair spray, I've been wanting red polish and I needed something for the frizzes in my hair and I got all 3 this month! Score!!

Right out of the bag!

Lotion that smells really good. I'm very particular about lotion and have used the same brand since 8th grade. This particular one is the perfect size to keep in my purse. 

Red nail polish that is worth $13.

Hydrating oil that can be used for dry skin or to smooth out your hair (works great on both!)

Eye liner brush. I used this after I put on eyeliner with a pencil to even it out and that worked really good for me. 

I've seen this brand before but never bought it, it works and smells really good. 

Cute makeup bag with stars inside.

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