Monday, August 5, 2013

First cup of pumpkin coffee this year

Barnie's officially has pumpkin coffee! While in the mall yesterday I was very tempted to get myself a cup after walking past it several times. I finally decided I'd get a small to try it out. They do not have syrup yet so it was just their coffee poured over ice. I didn't care for it very much or the price of $4. I know all pumpkin should taste the same, but this just didn't taste like my favorite pumpkin flavor...Starbucks.

Oh well, at least I can say I've had my first cup of the season. So that means I can start decorating for fall now right? I've already got ideas in my head and a shelf full of decorations waiting to be put up!


  1. I got so excited when I saw the title, was slightly disappointed that you didn't like it though! Have you ever had Dunkin Donuts pumpkin coffee? To me, I couldn't even taste the pumpkin in it! A disappointment for sure. I also like Panera's pumpkin spice coffee though!

  2. DD has the worst pumpkin coffee, each year I get a cup thinking that they would have changed their recipe but nope :/ I remember getting Panera's last year and liking it, so I'm excited to try it again! Also, Circle K made pretty good pumpkin coffee last year too!

    1. haha gahhh I know DD sucks! Lol. Oh I'll have to try it! I remember noticing last year (well, this year!) that they had pumpkin around for A LONG time. So I didn't try it but will be sure to this year!