Friday, August 30, 2013

Rustic Ruddy's handmade wood

We're open for business!!! Rustic Ruddy's hand carved wood slices are available for purchase on Etsy. Our wood is great for centerpieces, table numbers or can even be used as a guest book. I would say these are mainly for rustic weddings and events but I have one on our coffee table and my parents have one on their kitchen counter and it looks great as home decor especially in the fall.

Ryan cuts the wood into slices and sands them down. He even burns words into them to make it personal. I take the pictures and run the website. It's crazy how easy these are to make and how much their in demand right now. With just a purchase of a chainsaw there's very little overhead. 

Anyone interested in some wood and mentions FMDTY can get 10% off their order and if you're in the Orlando area I can meet up with you so you don't have to pay for the shipping! We've got plenty :)

Engraved with initals and wedding date

Looks great as a candle holder for mason jars

Big slices are good for multiple candles, cake or lots of mini desserts

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